We aim to get you outdoors more. we make your gear ready for you by offering innovative STORAGE solutions to protect, organize, and store everything you need for the next adventure.


Through a combination of growing up on a farm in rural Vermont, working summers at a ranch in Colorado, and spending the remaining free time in the outdoors, I developed a passion to play in nature, a passion that burns deep within.  My professional career as an Engineer takes a lot of my time and I wanted to spend what was left outdoors, not searching for, and repairing my gear. Thus, the new problem was having all my gear organized and ready at my beckoning call. 

The realization that I am not the only hard working individual that seeks to protect their small fortune in outdoor gear led to the creation of Oakmulgee. From this realization, in combination with my professional design experience I set out to help others Maximize there Time Outdoors. 

Our designs are achieved through the combination of precise engineering and creative problem solving.  We investigate a problem, then design a product that simplifies the answer. Our products function almost without thought, ergonomic to the human mind, our designs seek to relegate issues. 

Oakmulgee metal products are proudly engineered and constructed in the USA. High quality materials are sourced to make sure nothing fails to protect your gear. Vigorous testing is performed to ensure when you buy Oakmulgee products they wont let you down. Products are tested and revised multiple times before ever being released to the public. 

You have to stand for something. At Oakmulgee we stand to Maximize everyones Time Outdoors. We hope that an increased outdoor presence will lead to aid in the preservation of the places we love to play. Each year Oakmulgee gives a portion of its profits toward something we feel will help. This year we sponsored a Youth Little League team, the Oakmulgee Outlaws. Although baseball doesn't currently have anything to do with our products, we believe getting kids outside will help for generations to come.