Green Mountain Boys


My name is Taylor Moyer and I am the owner and founder of Oakmulgee. I was born and raised on a beef cattle farm in Shoreham, Vermont. During high school, I spent summers in Colorado working on a ranch. Now, I live out in the country east of Charlotte, North Carolina.  As I was growing up on a farm, and in the culture of Vermont, I became more comfortable outdoors. When I wasn’t working outdoors, I was maximizing the time I spent there; snowboarding, wakeboarding and so much more, I was always looking for adventure.

My passions in life have always dealt with design and problem solving.  Those two passions led me down the path to engineering and into a career as a Race Engineer. My professional career consumed a lot of my time, and the new problem became how to get back to the outdoors, the place it seemed I had forgotten since my adolescence?

That how Oakmulgee started. I had all this great outdoor gear strewn around the garage and house, more than usual actually, because my wife had all her respective gear. When we would find the precious time to run to the ski mountain or hit the mountain bike trails, I would end up wasting time gathering or maintaining the equipment.  I started using the technology and skills I use in the race industry to create racks and tools to better organize and protect my outdoor gear. Other people started to notice the things I was creating and ask me for the same. Since then Oakmulgee has grown organically.

The business side of Oakmulgee is my new adventure. As the majority of my family members are business owners, an entrepreneurial spirit has always been engrained within me. A veracious reading appetite led me to new technologies in business, which finally made it feasible to try to give owning my own business. So in 2015, I officially opened Oakmulgee. 

The goal of Oakmulgee is to help every person who is drawn to the wilderness of the world maximize the time they get to spend there.  Many people, myself included, spend their time working to gain the means to get outside and experience what this world has to offer. If we can help maintain and organize their outdoor gear so it is ready when they find the precious time to do so, then we feel we are doing a good job.



My name is Cole Moyer and I am the creative and marketing director for Oakmulgee.  I like my brother, was born in rural Vermont.  Raised on a beef farm, we were given every opportunity to get outside and explore the world around us, as long as our chores were done first.  The farm was located in a valley between two pinnacles. There were fields and hardwoods to get lost in, hills and mountains to climb and more land than our young legs could cover.  The gift of wilderness at a young age was hard to wrap my head around and looking back, I'm not sure a child could be given a better gift, even though the Daytona 500 racetrack Christmas gift was a close second.  All the adventure we could muster was given to my brother and I.  And with this, we were instilled with a drive.  The drive for adventure, to explore and create, to find happiness in both the simplicities and complexities of the outdoors, a drive we hope you share with us. 

Our passion for outdoor adventures helps us push Oakmulgee everyday.  We, like so many, want to be out, experiencing life rather than stuck at a desk.  This drive started Oakmulgee and it's what keeps the gears of the company oiled and moving.  We seek to provide every adventure lover with the gear they need to maximize the time they have outdoors.  No longer do we want folks to spend half the day wrangling their equipment only to find it damaged, boards stacked upon bikes creating potential for an equipment avalanche.  When all we want to do is get out and experience the outdoors.  Abused equipment and lack of space shouldn’t interfere with potential for adventure. It shouldn’t interfere with the precious hours away from work, the time we get to actually live.

Our designs are achieved through the combination of precise engineering and creative problem solving.  We investigate a problem and then design a product that simplifies the answer.  A product that functions almost without thought, ergonomic to the human mind, our designs seek to relegate issues. They provide an easy to use system that already seems second nature to a first time user.  The combination of functionality and ease of use is what our customers deserve. It's how we can assist them in achieving their own adventures.